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Spiritual Pathway Healing Association CertificateMy Name is Martin White, I was born in a village in Mountcollins into a family of 14. It was hard going sometimes, I often thought I was the sheep amongst the lions; I wasn’t quiet in the middle of the family. The eldest is 9 years older and the youngest is 9 years younger. And there is only 9 of us left.


I went to Mountcollins National School, It was ok at an early age maybe 3 years, (certainly not before I went to school)I was aware of things happening in the house at night and could see people in the kitchen. In the morning I would ask my Mother what were all the people doing hear last night so late. She would tell me not to tell anyone so they would not laugh at us; she also told me that I should never tell the priest anything of these happenings.


My Mother told me many stories of the past times and of  Happenings not of Gods making She also told me of my Great Grandmother who would walk for miles every day to see to the sick attend to Childbirth and lay out the dead. She was highly though of in her field, going back to the mid 1800’s when Doctors were scarce, Although she wasn’t a doctor and had no training she was able to use Herbs, My Great Grandmother was Mainey Roche and her Daughter married Paddy White who was my Grandfather on my Fathers side. He was known as a quack Vet as were several of his family, Paddy was noted for his insight in Cattle, as was his brother Tom White.


There is a funny story about Tom White he was also known as the Tom Baa when he was
fined 10 shillings in court in Abbeyfeale in the 1940’s for insulting a Vet after curing a cow which the vet had failed to do.


From a very early age I was aware of my healing ability, keeping it too myself was sometimes difficult, I went to England where I developed in a Sanctuary which allowed me to develop as a Medium.
Although I could see spirit I could not communicate with them, development was easy direction was all that was needed.


The yearning for my own Sanctuary and doing the lords work was always at the forefront of my mind and has brought me many crosses to bear which made me ever stronger and brought me many valuable experiences.


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